TYKG Instructional Materials

TYKG instructional materials provide step-by-step guidance throughout our method.  All of our instructional materials are completely free and can be combined with our Video Tutorials to ensure success.

Note:  A PDF reader is required to view our documents.  We recommend either Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Foxit Reader, both available for free.  Learn more at our FAQ page.

TYKG Starter Pack

The best way to begin with Teach Your Kids Guitar (TYKG) is to download the TYKG Starter Pack.  The Starter Pack contains:

  • Orientation Guide
  • Tuning Guide
  • First Lesson Guide

The Starter Pack is FREE and will work for anyone — including those with no prior guitar experience.  It will prepare you and your student to use Song Packs, a key component of our program.


TYKG Teacher’s Handbook

After establishing a Weekly Lesson Plan format, you’ll be ready to turn to the TYKG Teacher’s Handbook, our comprehensive teaching tool, for support and guidance.  It categorizes guitar learning activities according to your student’s skill level – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.  It will also make it easy for you to focus solely on the information that is relevant to your particular student, no matter where he or she is in the learning process.

Download the TYKG Teacher’s Handbook

Singing Activities (Optional)

For many musicians, guitar and singing go hand in hand.  In fact, the guitar itself is one of the best tools for learning how to sing accurately and with proper timing.  That’s why we’ve created TYKG Singing Activities – so you can teach your child how to sing, even if you, yourself, are not a confident singer.  Of course, our Singing Activities are entirely optional, but they may well bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your budding guitarist.

Download TYKG Singing Activities