TYKG Instructional Tools

Our TYKG Instructional Tools will guide you every step of the way as you teach your child guitar.  Parents who purchase the TYKG Hard Copy version will receive the instructional tools described below as attractive, full-color books.  Parents who purchase the TYKG Digital Download version will receive our tools as read-only PDF documents.

Before you decide which is right for you, try our Free Starter Pack below.

TYKG Starter Pack – FREE

The best way to begin with Teach Your Kids Guitar (TYKG) is to download the TYKG Starter Pack.  The Starter Pack is totally free and has been designed to work for every parent – even those with no prior musical experience.


Lesson Planning Booklet

Our Lesson Planning Booklet will show you exactly how to deliver guitar lessons that are enjoyable for both you and your student.  After just a few weeks, you’ll establish an effective approach for teaching your student – not only for the first few lessons – but also throughout your entire journey with TYKG.

TYKG Teacher’s Handbook

The TYKG Teacher’s Handbook is our comprehensive teaching tool that will give you step-by-step guidance throughout your TYKG experience.  It’s designed to be understood and used gradually, and in way that parallels your child’s own musical development.

Singing Activities Manual (Optional)

We’ve included TYKG Singing Activities – so you can teach your child how to sing, even if you yourself are not a confident singer.  Of course, our Singing Activities are optional, but they may well bring a whole new level of musical enjoyment to your child.