What are TYKG Song Packs?

Each children’s song in the TYKG method has it’s own Song Pack, which includes sheet music, audio files, and organizational items to help make teaching and learning enjoyable.  Ten learning activities are identified in each Song Pack, and these activities are categorized according to student skill level:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Song Packs come in PDF form, which can either be printed or used at a computer or tablet.   Continue down this page for a closer look at the items contained in each TYKG Song Pack.

Progress Sheet

Each Song Pack includes a Progress Sheet which acts as a roadmap for all 10 learning activities associated with a particular TYKG song.  Our activities are highly effective for learning guitar and we’ve included activities for scales, melodies, chords, and even singing.  With our Progress Sheet, both you and your child can easily track progress and achievements with each song while also looking toward future goals.

Music Sheets

Each Song Pack comes with music sheets that include both standard notation, as well as the most common form of guitar notation:  Guitar Tablature.  We’ve formatted songs to be accurate, symmetrical, and user friendly.

Every Song Pack includes the following music sheets:

Scale Sheet – Provides fun ways to practice with the song’s musical scale.
Melody Sheet – Provides the song’s melody line for guitar, as well as vocals.
Mini Chords Sheet – Provides smaller versions of chords that are easy for younger kids.
Chords Sheet – Provides full size versions of chords for kids over 10 and adults.

Music and Guide Tracks

Each Song Pack has professionally recorded MP3 “play-a-long” tracks that will help your child develop rhythm and timing.  Guide Tracks act just like a set of training wheels on a bicycle as your child practices along to match specific guitar parts.  When able to match the parts, your child can “take off the training wheels” and practice with background accompaniment only.

You’ll find the following MP3 tracks in each Song Pack:

Melody and Chords Track – A full instrumental arrangement of the song.
Melody Track – Includes the song’s melody only, the chords have been removed.
Chords Track – Includes the song’s chords only, the melody has been removed.
Listening Track – A performance featuring a vocalist, used for song familiarization and enjoyment.

Organizing Printed Song Packs

TYKG delivers an effective system for organizing your printed Song Pack materials to maximize teaching and learning.  Our system uses a three-ring binder to store and organize all of your child’s learning materials.  This will enable you to arrange materials for a large number of songs, so that both you and your child can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Note:  The full hard-copy TYKG package includes a three-ring binder with 10 pre-printed song packs, that are fully organized and ready for insertion.