TYKG Song Packs

  • Each song in the TYKG method has it’s own Song Pack.
  • Each Song Pack includes music sheets, audio files, and a student Progress Sheet. 
  • Ten learning activities are identified in each Song Pack,
  • Learning activities are categorized by student skill level:  Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. 
  • Song Packs come as PDF files that can either be printed or viewed on a computer.
  • Music Guide Tracks for all TYKG songs are available in our Members Area. 
    • For convenience, they are also embedded in the Song Pack PDF files available in the Members Area. 
    • Guide Tracks for each song are also available in the Members Area.  Just click on the banner of the song.  
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Progress Sheet

Progress Sheet provide a roadmap for the 10 learning activities associated with each TYKG song. 

Learning activities are highly effective and include activities for scales, melodies, chords, and singing. 

With our Progress Sheet, both you and your child can easily track progress and achievements with each song while looking toward future goals.

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Scale Sheet

Each TYKG song has its own corresponding set of Scale Sheets. 

Scale sheets identify the set of notes used to play the melody of the song. 

Practice Patterns provided on the scale sheets allow students to practice the notes that are used to play the melody of a song.

This simple and effective practice technique helps students build the muscle memory that enables them to play the song easily and perfectly. 


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Melody Sheet

Melody Sheets identify all of the individual notes of a song. 

Each note is played by plucking one string while pressing one fret. 

Each string and fret combination is identified by an easy-to-follow Guitar Tablature Notation (TAB) number assigned to each note. 

Standard music notation is also provided for comparison and to support advanced student skill development.  


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Chords Sheet

Chords are combinations of notes that provide a richer and fuller sound than individual notes.  This is especially beneficial for singers. 

Each Chord is composed of a set of notes that are played at the same time.  The Chords Sheet presents this set of notes in simple TAB notation.

This simple TAB notation identifies the set of frets to press and strings to strum to create each chord.


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Mini-Chords Sheet

Due to the size of their hands, students between the ages of 4 to 9 often have trouble constructing the entire set of notes required to play a chord. 

Our Mini-Chords sheet provides a simpler set of notes that can be used to create a simpler version of each chord.   

Our Chords Fingering Booklet illustrates how each mini-chord and regular chord should be formed.  This booklet helps students practice constructing each chord before using the chords to play the song.   


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Bingo Music Guide Tracks

Music & Guide Tracks

Each song comes with a set of 4 Guide Tracks that are professionally recorded “play-along” music tracks. 

  • Melody Track -- A guitar performance of the notes contained in the song.
  • Chords Track -- A guitar performance of the chords contained in the song.
  • Melody & Chords Track -- A combined guitar performance that includes both the melody and the chords.
  • Listening Track --  A singing performance of the song.  

Guide Tracks act like a set of “training wheels” to provide support until the student is ready to perform the skill independently.  

By trying to match the recordings, your child will soon learn to feel the rhythm and develop good timing.  These are fundamental skills that are necessary to become a good musician!  .