A New Way to Learn to Sing

learn to sing

For many musicians, playing the guitar and singing go hand-in-hand. In fact, for many students, singing can be one of the best motivators for learning guitar! That’s why you’ll find voice lessons included in each of our online song packs.

Singing while playing guitar is a classic combination; it enables a person to deliver a complete musical performance, using just two elements: guitar and voice. And as everyone knows, the ability to sing and play is an important skill for making music with other musicians.

As it turns out, the guitar can be a great tool for learning how to sing, not only accurately but also with proper timing. It also makes singing fun!

Each Song Pack comes with effective tools to teach your child how to sing. Even if you, yourself, are not an accomplished singer, our singing lessons, presented online, are the perfect way to begin. Voice lessons start at the beginner skill level, so new guitar students can begin learning to sing almost immediately.

Students will start with voice lessons and training activities that teach them how to sing notes with the correct pitch. Eventually, your child will be able to combine their singing lessons with guitar chords in order to deliver complete musical performances.