TYKG Learning Path

TYKG has been designed to provide a well-defined skill development progression. Each song in our program provides ten unique learning activities across three distinct skill levels:

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Students can take as much time as needed at each skill level, continuously learning new songs until ready to move on to the next level.

Path To Success(1)
Frog Melody

Beginner Level:  Learning the Fundamentals

At the Beginner Level, your student will learn guitar fundamentals that will last a lifetime. 

  • Developed by practicing scales, melodies, and chords with a variety of songs. 
  • Each song acts as a vehicle to gradually develop guitar skills. 
  • With this approach, learning (and teaching) guitar can be stress free and FUN!

Intermediate Level:  Playing with Guide Tracks

Once comfortable with the fundamentals, your student will move on to the Intermediate Level.

  • Begin practicing with Guide Tracks – professionally recorded “play-a-long” tracks.
  • Guide Tracks act like a set of “training wheels” providing support as your child practices songs and works to match specific guitar parts. 
  • Children learn to feel rhythm and improve timing.
Guide Tracks(1)
Frog Rock

Advanced Level:  Developing Performance Skills

After feeling comfortable and confident with Intermediate Level activities, your student will "take off the training wheels” and use the next level of Guide Tracks at the Advanced Level

  • Student begin to play chords and melodies independently with background accompaniment. 
  • This simulates what it would feel like to play with live musicians.
  • Takes your child to the performance level.

Singing Activities (Optional)

  • The guitar is widely viewed as one of the best instruments to accompany a singing voice. 
  • For many musicians, guitar and singing go hand-in-hand.
  • The guitar is also one of the best tools for learning how to sing. 
  • Each Song Pack provides effective activities learning how to sing.
  • Students combine singing with playing guitar to deliver complete musical performances.

Singing activities are optional, and it’s okay if these activities are not a student’s priority.  However, for many students, singing can be a big part – and one of the best parts – of learning guitar!

Frog Singing Trans