Is TYKG Right for You?

The TYKG Method can be used by anyone who has a desire to teach or learn the guitar. Its an ideal solution if:

already play guitar

1. You already play guitar, and you and want to teach your child how to play.

If you already play, then you know how much fun and how rewarding it can be. Naturally, this is an experience you would like to share. TYKG will give you the tools you need to take your child from student to “jam partner” in no time!

However, our method is not for parents only. It can also be used by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even older siblings – anyone with a desire to give the gift of music!

2. You don’t play guitar, but you would like to learn along with your child.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn guitar but could never find the time. Maybe you’ve just been too busy raising a family. Finally, there’s a way to learn guitar and spend quality time with your child – at the same time!

With TYKG, it’s not a problem to teach guitar while also learning it. In fact, teaching is really the best way to learn. As you work through our material, teaching it to your child will reinforce all the important things that you, yourself, will also need to know. When you’re explaining and demonstrating concepts to your child, you’ll be improving your own skills. And when you practice guitar, you’ll also be setting a good example.

3. You are not interested in learning to play the guitar yourself, but you want to teach your child.

TYKG is ideal for “Do-It-Yourselfers” and also for those who can’t afford costly private guitar lessons. Let’s face it, at an average of $20-25 per half hour lesson, guitar lessons are a big investment. TYKG is a bargain, compared to private guitar lessons – and can literally save you thousands!

TYKG is also ideal for homeschooling parents who want to add a musical instrument component to their child’s music curriculum.

Finally, TYKG offers the tools that make it possible to teach your child, even if you don’t play guitar. And, thanks to our video lesson library, your student can watch demos of concepts and skills that you may feel unable to model.

want to teach child

4. Your child has tried – but failed – with other guitar methods.

TYKG is the solution for a child who, in the past, has failed with traditional guitar learning approaches. In most cases, young guitar students receive lessons from a professional guitar instructor who may simply teach by using a guitar method book. Frankly, method books can be frustrating, ineffective, and just plain boring. Sadly, many students fail to learn guitar through traditional approaches; we believe that this is due not through any fault of the child, but rather through the fault of the approach.

Our approach makes learning guitar easier and more fun than ever before. It’s also easier to teach than traditional guitar methods. In fact, with our method, a parent – even one with no musical experience – will be better equipped to teach a kid than even some professional guitar teachers. There is no reason to give up on learning guitar forever just because the wrong approach was used the first time around!

has guitar experience

5. Your child already has guitar experience and wants to take his or her skills to a higher level.

When it comes to guitar, there is always more to learn. For example, many current guitar students know songs, but lack proper rhythm skills to play music with perfect timing. TYKG students have the opportunity to improve rhythm skills in the best way possible – practicing along with our professionally-recorded Guide Tracks.

Another skill that a child may want to learn is singing. We provide the tools to teach your child how to sing, even if you, yourself, are not a singer. Students will start by learning how to sing notes accurately and eventually will combine singing with playing chords, in order to deliver complete musical performances.

6. You’re an adult who wants to learn to play the guitar and/or sing yourself.

There are several situations where TYKG can be ideal for an adult who wants to learn on his or her own.

Perhaps you’ve always loved to sing and now want to learn to accompany yourself on guitar. Or perhaps you already play guitar but want to learn to sing while you play. Maybe you’d like to be able to lead children in “sing-alongs.” Or you’re just looking to strengthen guitar fundamentals with familiar and easy songs.

TYKG is a user-friendly approach for learning to sing and play guitar at any age.

adult wants to learn