Is TYKG Right for You?

The TYKG Method can be used by anyone who has a desire to teach or learn the guitar. Its an ideal solution if:

1. You already play guitar, and you want to teach your child how to play.

If you already play guitar, then teaching your child is a natural choice. TYKG will give you the tools you need to take your child from beginner to “jam partner” in no time!

already play guitar

2. You don’t play guitar, but you would like to learn along with your child.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn guitar but could never find the time. Maybe you’ve just been too busy raising a family. Finally, there’s a way to learn guitar and spend quality time with your child – all at the same time!

want to teach child

3. You’re not interested in playing the guitar yourself, but you want to save money by teaching your child music.

TYKG is ideal for “Do-It-Yourselfers” and also for those who can’t afford costly private guitar lessons. Let’s face it, at an average of $20 – $25 per half hour lesson, guitar lessons are expensive. TYKG is a bargain compared to private guitar lessons – and can really save you thousands!

4. You have a child who loves to sing.

If your child loves to sing, then TYKG is the logical choice. Everyone knows that guitar and singing go hand in hand, and it’s the perfect instrument to choose for a singer — easily portable and popular with all ages. We’ve included singing activities for all our songs.

5. You’re a homeschool parent who would like to teach music as part of your curriculum.

TYKG is a popular choice for homeschool parents for good reason. Our activity-based approach is well suited for the homeschool environment and it can be taught by parents with no previous musical experience. TYKG can be your homeschool music solution!

Download our TYKG Homeschool Brochure

6. You’re an adult who has always wanted to play the guitar and sing for your own enjoyment.

Perhaps you’ve always loved to sing and now want to learn to accompany yourself on guitar. Or perhaps you already play guitar but want to learn to sing while you play. TYKG has also caught on with adults because it’s an easy way to learn to sing while you learn guitar!