Instructional Documents

TYKG Instructional Documents will guide you every step of the way as you teach your child to play guitar. 

  • The TYKG Hard Copy product includes attractive, easy-to-navigate, full-color books.  It also includes full access to Members Area instructional support tools.  
  • The TYKG Digital product includes the same Members Area access, but the documents are in read-only PDF format for use on your computer.
  • An "Upgrade" product offers a low cost upgrade from the Digital version to the complete Hard Copy version.  
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TYKG Orientation Guide Final 20170221

Orientation Guide

  • Introduces TYKG Instructional Methods,
  • Describes the TYKG Learning Path. 
  • Introduces TYKG Documents and Tools. 
  • Discusses Song Pack use and contents.
  • Discusses basic equipment requirements.
Cover First Lesson Guide For Video 20171220

First Lesson Guide

Essential tool for providing the critical first lessons to your child:

  • Basic introduction to the guitar and guitar concepts. 
  • Introduction to guitar teaching methods.
  • Introduction to string identification and correct fingering.
  • Detailed discussion of Guitar Tablature (TAB).
  • Complete guide to teaching the first song to your child.
  • No previous music experience required.
Weekly Lesson Plan 20161130 V2

Lesson Planning Booklet

Our Lesson Planning Booklet will:

  • Explain how to deliver guitar lessons that are enjoyable for both you and your child.
  • Provide detailed plans and guidance for the first few lessons.
  • Establish a pattern for further lesson planning and preparation. 
  • Provide a reference for future teacher planning -- not just for guitar.  
Teachers Handbook Cover 20161130 V2

TYKG Teacher’s Handbook

  • Comprehensive teaching tool that provides step-by-step guidance. 
  • Designed to be understood and used gradually.
  • Parallels development of your guitar teaching skills.
  • Parallels development of your child’s guitar playing skills.
  • Includes learning activities for scales, melodies and chords.
  • Provides a learning path from basic melodies to performing with music tracks. 
  • Provides teacher strategies for each step of the process.
Cover Singing Activites Final 20160930b

Singing Activities Manual

We’ve included TYKG Singing Activities so you can teach your child how to sing, even if you are not a confident singer. 

Singing is optional, but many children enjoy singing while learning to play guitar. 

In later life, children often find that singing while playing guitar is a skill that can provide life-long benefits and support positive social interactions.  

Singing may well bring a whole new level of musical enjoyment to your child.