1Ive never played guitar in my life. Can I really teach it?  

Yes!  Teach Your Kids Guitar is a learning method that enables any parent to teach a child guitar – even a parent who has no previous musical experience.  It’s designed to be understood on a gradual basis and in a way that parallels your child’s own musical development.  Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before, you can have the knowledge and resources to teach with our approach.


2. Do I need to learn to read music to teach guitar?    (Or:  Why is guitar the easiest instrument to learn?)

You do not need to learn to read music with the TYKG method.  In addition to standard music notation, we provide Guitar Tablature Notation for each song. 

Guitar Tablature (TAB) is preferred by guitar players because it is so effective and easy to learn.  It’s the world’s most common guitar notation system and is used in nearly every guitar book, magazine, and website.

With TYKG, Guitar Tablature is the first thing you will learn, and you’ll begin using it to play music in the very first lesson. 

Here’s a quick preview of how tablature works:

Tablature Example For Brochure V7b Trans Small

3. At what age can my child begin to learn guitar with the TYKG method?

TYKG is a flexible learning approach that can work well for kids of all ages.  In general, the minimum age for learning guitar is around 5 or 6 years old.  It’s usually around this time that a child’s hands become large enough to handle the guitar and play notes.   However, a patient parent and a motivated child may be able to begin as early as age 4.

DSCF4796 Brignten Border Small

4. What kind of guitar should I get for my child?

It’s important that you choose the right guitar for your guitar learner.  There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a guitar, but for a child, the most important are size and playability.  Visit our "Guitar Guide" for suggestions on guitars and related accessories.

5. Do I need two guitars  one for me and one for my child?

With TYKG, only one guitar is required.  Our method can be taught by parents who have not played guitar before, and if you fall into this category, you won’t have to purchase a second guitar.  As the teacher, you can simply use your child’s guitar if you’d like to demonstrate a concept.  For many parents, having to buy only one guitar simplifies the process and makes teaching guitar even more affordable.

6. My child already has guitar experience.  Can he or she benefit from TYKG?

Yes!  When it comes to guitar, there is always more to learn.  For example, many kids who play guitar have learned songs, but lack proper rhythm skills to play music with perfect timing.  With TYKG, students have the opportunity to improve rhythm skills in the best way possible – practicing right along with musical play-along tracks.

Singing is another skill that a child who plays guitar may want to learn.  Students will start by learning how to sing notes accurately and will eventually combine singing with playing chords in order to deliver complete musical performances.  With TYKG, guitar skills can always be refined with our extensive collection of kid-friendly songs!

7. How do I activate my TYKG website registration to gain  'Members Area" access?

If you’ve purchased either the Hard Copy or Digital Download product on-line through TeachYourKidsGuitar.com, full registration for lifetime access to the "Members Area" is already included with your purchase.  No further action is required.  

If you’ve purchased the hard copy version of TYKG at a home-school convention, or from any source other than TeachYourKidsGuitar.com, then you must register your coupon code to gain free lifetime "Members Area" access. 

Your coupon code sticker for registration can be found on the inside cover of your Teacher’s Handbook.  Just follow the instructions listed below.

 --- Instructions for Hard Copy owners: 

1.  Go to "TeachYourKidsGuitar.com/Activate"  then follow the instructions on that page:

2.  Click on the "Add to Cart" button, then go to your shopping cart.

3.  Enter your coupon code and click on "Apply coupon."

4.  Verify that the coupon was accepted -- The Shopping Cart Total should have changed to zero.

5.  Complete the purchase checkout process to fully activate your website registration and gain access to the "Members Area."  

(NOTE: If  you do not already have a TYKG account, during the checkout process you will be asked to enter the information required to create an account.)

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8. How do I open Song Pack PDF files?

Song Pack files are provided in PDF format.  A PDF reader app is required to view these files.  We recommend viewing them with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC which is available at:


Important Note:  The recent release of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC does not include the Flash Player utility required to play the music tracks that are embedded in each Song Pack PDF file.  All the music tracks are also available on the TYKG website, but if you want to play the sound track directly from the Song Pack PDF file, you may need to install the free Flash Player utility software found here:


9. Where are you able to ship the Hard Copy version?

Shipment of our Hard Copy version is available to United States Post Office addresses only.
However, our Digital version is available world-wide.
PayPal may be required in some locations to complete the checkout process.   

10. I have a question that is not answered on this FAQ page.

Please use our contact form to submit additional questions:  "Contact Page"