Additional TYKG Tools

Our Additional TYKG Tools include items that can be used by both you and your child during lessons and practice sessions.  Used consistently, they’ll encourage your child to practice independently and effectively.

Practice Schedule

TYKG makes independent practicing fun and easy for children.  With our Practice Schedules, you and your child can easily keep track of assignments, so that both of you always know exactly what should be practiced between lessons.

Chord Fingering Booklet

When your student is ready to learn chords, our Chord Fingering Booklet will provide all the fingerings.  It features both regular guitar chords for older children, and “mini chords” specially tailored for young children.

Binder Cover Sheet

The Binder Cover Sheet is a great way to decorate your child’s binder with a cool look.  Your child can even personalize the cover sheet by filling his or her name in the marquee banner.

Guitar Tuning Sheet

The Guitar Tuning Sheet contains information that will prove useful when tuning the guitar.  It can be used as a ready reference to help remember the string names and how to use an electronic tuner.