Additional TYKG Tools

The following TYKG materials complement the learning process and can be placed within your student’s three ring binder.  We strongly recommend following our system of organization which uses a three ring binder to store all TYKG materials.  Our system of organization is simple, and will make a big difference in ensuring your child’s success.  For a closer look at our system of organization, watch our video on Song Pack Contents and Organization.

Download and print the following binder materials, as your student is ready for them:

Note:  A PDF reader is required to view our documents.  We recommend either Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Foxit Reader, both available for free.  Learn more at our FAQ page.

Binder Cover Sheet

The Binder Cover Sheet provides a great way to decorate the binder with a fun and cool look. Your student can personalize the Cover Sheet by filling his or her name in the blank marquee banner.  It can then be placed as the first page in the binder. Optionally, some binders have a clear plastic sleeve on the outside front cover where the Cover Sheet can be inserted.

Click here to download the Binder Cover Sheet

Practice Schedule

You’ll use the Practice Schedule to assign learning activities to your student to practice between lessons.  You’ll always know exactly what to review at the beginning of each lesson thanks to this sheet.  The Practice Schedule is also useful to your student who can use it while practicing to follow your assignments.

Click here to download the Practice Schedule

TYKG Master List

With TYKG, a student can potentially study for years by performing hundreds of learning activities with dozens of songs.  That’s why we’ve developed a simple approach to track your student’s overall progress.  Thanks to the TYKG Master List, you can compile a complete history of everything you student has accomplished.

Click here to download the TYKG Master List

Mini Chord Fingering Sheet (Ages 4-9)

Guitar chords have always been a problem for young kids (ages 4-9) due to one big reason – small hand size.  That’s why we provide a special approach that we call Mini Chords.  Mini Chords are really just smaller portions of full size and they work just as well.  The Mini Chord Fingering Sheet provides these fingerings and can be conveniently placed in the back of a student’s three ring binder behind all Song Pack materials.

Chord Fingerings Sheet (Ages 10 and up)

For older kids (ages 10 and up) the Chord Fingering Sheet provides the fingerings for regular or “full size” guitar chords.  By this age, most kids hands are big enough to form the same chords that adults use.  The Chord Fingering sheet can serve as a handy tool to help remember the fingering for all the chord shapes used in our Song Packs.  It can be conveniently placed in the back of a student’s three ring binder behind all Song Pack materials.

Click here to download the Chord Fingerings Sheet

Tuning Reference Sheet

The Tuning Reference Sheet provides information that is useful when tuning the guitar.  This sheet can be used as a constant reference to help remember the string names and how to use an electronic tuner.  It can be placed as the very last item in the three ring binder following the Chord Fingerings Sheet for easy access every time you tune your guitar.

Click here to download the Tuning Reference Sheet