Additional TYKG Teaching Tools

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Tuning Guide

  • Tuning is essential every time your child plays guitar.
  • Our Tuning Guide will help you get in tune quickly and accurately.
  • Provides advice on electronic tuners that work well and are simple to use.
  • Includes a quick reference sheet with string names and tuner display examples.
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Chords Fretty Cover YELLOW With Trans Border

Chord Fingering Booklet

When your child is ready to learn chords, our Chord Fingering Booklet identifies the finger positions for every chord used in the TYKG song library. 

It features both regular guitar chords for older children, and “mini chords” specially tailored for young children.

Includes both a photo of finger positions and the guitar tablature (TAB) diagram of finger positions for every chord. 

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Practice Schedule

TYKG makes independent practicing fun and easy for children.

With our Practice Schedules, you and your child can easily keep track of assignments, so that both of you always know exactly what should be practiced between lessons.

Specific TYKG songs and practice activities, along with the dates assigned, can be identified and tracked for several weeks.

Binder Cover Final Frame

Binder Cover Sheet

We recommend all TYKG Song Packs be filed alphabetically in a 3 ring binder.  This insures your child will have easy access to the Melody Sheets, Chords Sheets, and Progress Sheet for every song.

The Binder Cover Sheet is a great way to decorate your child’s binder with a cool look that children appreciate.  

Your child can even personalize the cover sheet by filling his or her name in the marquee banner.