What is TYKG?

Teach Your Kids Guitar (TYKG) is a one-of-a-kind learning method that enables parents to teach their kids guitar, right at home. Our method requires no previous musical experience, and the biggest obstacle to learning guitar has been totally eliminated – you do not need to learn how to read music. And TYKG is not just for parents. It can also be used by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings – in fact, anyone with a desire to give the gift of music!

About TYKG
Two Options for Teaching

Two Options for Teaching

There are two ways you can use our method: You can either learn guitar right along with your child, or you can simply guide him or her through the process. We’ve made it easy for you to teach your kids, whether you already play guitar or have never even picked up a guitar before. It’s designed to be understood on a gradual basis and in a way that supports your child’s own musical development.

Activity-Based Learning

Teach Your Kids Guitar uses an Activity-Based Approach, where each individual song acts as a vehicle to practice multiple musical concepts.  Each TYKG song includes ten distinct learning activities that can be applied across three skill levels:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  This allows a child to work with a song at the appropriate skill level and then return to it later on for brand new challenges.  Our approach eliminates frustration and maximizes student success.

Guitar Tablature

The Guitar Tablature Advantage

Traditional music notation is actually the number one reason why kids quit musical instruments.  It’s just too hard to learn to play an instrument – and learn to read music notation – all at once.  Fortunately, the guitar has its own notation system called Guitar Tablature, which is much easier to learn – and much easier to teach.  Tablature is the world’s most common guitar notation system and is used in nearly every guitar book, magazine, and website.

Guitar Tablature is so easy and effective because it provides a direct visual representation of notes on the guitar.  This gives a child a huge learning advantage and lets him or her focus on learning to play the instrument.  With TYKG, Guitar Tablature is the first thing you will learn and teach, using it to play music in the very first lesson!


The Gift of Music

Learning an instrument is a great way to build self-confidence, and it makes kids feel great about themselves.  Our method provides an activity-based system where students will work to achieve learning goals and feel good about their accomplishments.  Studies have shown that children who play an instrument do better in school and go further in life – no surprise there!

TYKG can also be a gift for you as a parent because it provides you with a unique way to spend time with your child, greatly enriching your lives, and having lots of fun – all at the same time.  Teaching a child or loved one a musical instrument truly is a one-of-a-kind bonding experience.  Enjoy the entire process – and the priceless memories will last a lifetime.


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