Teach Guitar at Home and Save Thousands on Private Lessons!

Path To Success V2

Developed for Parents
by Professional
Guitar Instructors

Detailed Guidance V2

A Step-by-Step Approach
That Makes Teaching
Easy and Fun

Instructional Material V2

Learn Melodies, Chords, Scales and even Singing
*Play-Along Tracks Included!

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Visual Demonstrations
for Parent and Child

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Teach Your Child Guitar 

Teach Your Kids Guitar (TYKG) enables you to teach your child guitar, right at home.  You’ll have complete guidance every step of the way with our instructional resources, lesson plans and video tutorials.  Any parent can do it, no experience required! 

Activity-Based Approach

TYKG provides a large selection of children's music, and every song has its own learning activities for practicing melodies, chords, scales and even singing (optional).  Kids excel with this activity-based approach and it encourages voluntary and independent practice.

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Learn to Read Music

TYKG includes a highly effective approach for kids who are learning to read Standard Music Notation on guitar.  We also include Guitar Tablature - a popular "visual" notation system for guitar that is easy to learn and does not require the ability to read music.

Video Tutorial Library

Our Video Tutorials provide visual demonstrations of guitar concepts and TYKG learning activities.  Each video allows both you and your child to see and hear the concepts being demonstrated in an easy to follow and enjoyable format.

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The Songs Kids Love

TYKG has been designed to teach guitar using the songs that kids know and love.  You'll find just about every kid-friendly song you can think of including "Alphabet Song," "London Bridge," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Old MacDonald," "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," "Yankee Doodle," and many more!

Save Money on Private Lessons

TYKG provides the most affordable way for your child (or children) to learn a musical instrument.  Our method can be taught right at home, has a proven success rate, and costs just a fraction of private lessons - it really can save you thousands!

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  • No teaching experience required
  • Large selection of kid-friendly guitar music
  • Sheet music is accurate, consistent & symmetrical
  • Learn Standard Notation and Guitar Tablature
  • Songs have easy fingering positions & chord shapes
  • Progressive & flexible learning system for kids
  • Teach in your own home – follow your own schedule
  • Unique opportunity for quality time with your child
  • Designed by professional guitar teachers
  • Costs a fraction of private guitar lessons