The Teach Your Kids Guitar Method

Welcome to Teach Your Kids Guitar (TYKG), the place to find one-of-a-kind online guitar lessons for kids that enable parents to teach their kids guitar, right at home. Our method requires no previous musical experience, and the biggest obstacle to learning how to play guitar has been totally eliminated – you do not need to learn how to read music. Our online guitar lessons aren’t just for parents. They can also be used by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings – anyone with a desire to give the gift of music!


TYKG Song Packs

Song Packs are the key to learning with TYKG. Each Song Pack includes music sheets, audio files, learning activities, and organizational items to help make learning how to play guitar more enjoyable. In fact, these guitar lessons for kids include everything you’ll need to take your child from complete beginner all the way up to the performance level.

a new way to learn guitar

A New Way to Learn Guitar

Every TYKG Song Pack acts as a vehicle to practice a variety of musical concepts. With our method, your student won’t have to master any specific song or concept before moving on to something new – so there’s no way to get “stuck.” Our approach eliminates pressure and frustration for you and your student and helps make learning fun!


A New Way to Learn to Sing

Did you know that the guitar can be one of the best tools for learning how to sing? With our Song Packs, students can use the guitar to develop these skills: voice training, singing melodies, and singing while playing chords. Of course, TYKG singing activities are entirely optional, but for many students, singing can be an important part of learning guitar!

a new way to learn to sing
make music with your child

Make Music with Your Child

With TYKG, you and your child can make music together. Playing music with your child is entirely optional, of course, but for many parents, it can be a treasured experience. Let TYKG help you to take your child from Beginner to Jam Partner in no time!


The Gift of Music

It is well-established fact that learning to play music provides many secondary benefits:

  • Cultivates Social skills
  • Boosts Self Esteem
  • Improves Academic Skills
  • Teaches Patience
  • Teaches Discipline
  • Fosters Creativity

Teaching guitar is not only a gift to your child, but also to yourself, allowing you to spend quality time with your child during some of the most important years.

the gift of music
guitar selection

Guitar Recommendations

Don’t know how to find the right guitar for your child? No problem! We’ll help you find the best possible guitar at the best possible price – quickly and easily.  Visit our Equipment Guides and view our recommendations for guitars and related accessories.


Save Money

The TYKG Method provides the single, most affordable way for your kids to learn to play guitar. Our method has a proven success rate and costs just a fraction of private lessons. It really can save you thousands!

save money


  • No music experience for student or teacher
  • Large selection of kid-friendly guitar music
  • Sheet music is accurate, consistent & symmetrical
  • No need to learn standard music notation
  • Songs have easy fingering positions & chord shapes
  • Progressive & flexible learning system for kids
  • Teach in your own home – follow your own schedule
  • Unique opportunity for quality time with your child
  • Costs a fraction of private guitar lessons
  • Effective and proven guitar instruction method