Children's Guitar Method

Path To Success V2


A Step-By-Step Process
Enabling Anyone to
Teach & Learn Guitar

Detailed Guidance V2


Complete Instructional
Materials that any Parent can follow

Instructional Material V2


Melody Sheets,
Chord Sheets, &
Play-A-Long Tracks

Complete Instruction V2


Clear Demonstrations of
Guitar Techniques to
Teachers and Students

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•  Complete guitar curriculum – Learning path, methods and tools.
•  No music experience required – Complete & detailed guidance.
•  No teaching experience required – Teacher training is included.
•  Gradual Progression -- Designed to be read & implemented gradually.
•  Student Focused -- Supports child’s personal rate of skill development.
•  Family Focused -- Parents learn guitar while guiding their children.

Why now?

  • Because young children benefit greatly from learning an instrument.
  • Skills such as: logical thinking, task planning, goal focusing, social skills and other developmental skills will all benefit from learning an instrument. 
  • Guitar is the easiest instrument for a young child to learn -- and children enjoy learning guitar!  
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Extensive Documentation & Guidance

•  Spiral Bound -- High-Quality -- Fully Color Illustrated Books.
•  First Lesson Guide -- Detailed guide supporting initial lessons.

•  Teachers Handbook -- Enables parents to provide complete guitar instruction.
•  Lesson Planning -- Provides a pattern for creating lesson plans..
•  Singing Activities -- Guide to providing singing instruction (optional).
•  Tuning Guide -- Complete guide to guitar tuning.
•  Chord Fingering Booklet -- Illustrated guide to correct chord fingering.
•  Song Packs -- Melody sheets, chords sheets & music tracks for all songs.
(10 Song Packs come pre-printed.  Dozens more are in our "Members Area.")

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Easy-to-Use Teaching Tools

•  Kid-tested methods and tools facilitate effective teaching.
•  Uses simple Guitar Tablature (TAB) Notation.
•  No need to learn complex Music Notation.
•  Complete guidance throughout the skill development process.
•  Detailed Instructional Manuals & Organizational Tools.
•  Video Tutorials & Sample Lesson Plans.

Songs Kids Love

•  Specifically designed for ages 4-12 with songs kids love.
•  Kid friendly songs such as: “London Bridge,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Old MacDonald,” “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”
•  Patriotic songs such as: “Yankee Doodle,” “Star Spangled Banner”
•  Folk songs such as: “Oh Susanna,” “Home on the Range,”
•  Many more classic children’s songs.

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Guitar & Equipment Guidance

•  Appropriate guitar size is important – We provide age related guidance.
•  Guidance for selection and use of essential accessories – Tuner & picks.
•  Guidance for selection and use of many additional accessories.
•  Only one guitar is required for teaching & learning with TYKG.

Optional Singing Activities

•  Many children love to sing.
•  Playing guitar and singing are mutually beneficial.
•  Guitar can actually be used as a tool to train the singing voice.
•  With TYKG, your child can learn to sing with accurate pitch.
•  Children will learn to sing and strum guitar to perform classic songs.

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Make Music with Your Child

With TYKG, you and your child can make music together.  Playing songs together is optional, of course.  But for many parents, it can be a treasured experience.  TYKG can help you take your child from beginner to jam partner in no time!

Save Money with TYKG

TYKG provides the single, most affordable way for your kids to learn a musical instrument. Our method has a proven success rate and costs just a fraction of private lessons.
You really can save thousands of dollars!

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  • No music experience required -- student or parent
  • Large selection of kid-friendly guitar music
  • Sheet music is accurate, consistent & symmetrical
  • No need to learn standard music notation
  • Songs have easy fingering positions & chord shapes
  • Progressive & flexible learning system for kids
  • Teach in your own home – follow your own schedule
  • Unique opportunity for quality time with your child
  • Costs a fraction of private guitar lessons
  • Effective and proven guitar instruction method